Curtain Fabric - Sheer

Curtain Fabric - Sheer

Curtain fabric from KOTHEA provides the most beautiful and opulent textures and colours combined with technical characteristic making the fabric directly suitable for curtains because of its light fastness or suitable when interlined. KOTHEA never compromise on elegance in design throughout their extensive range of collections that encompass many silks and sheers and other beautifully coloured fabrics. Much more information can be found about our products and company elsewhere here in The Fabric Blog.

Try searching for particular technical characteristics like ‘light fastness’ or ‘ the specific type of product like ‘silk’ or ‘curtain fabric’ or ‘double width sheers’.

Alternatively ask a question by commenting on this page and it will be answered.

5 thoughts on “Curtain Fabric Manufacturer and Supplier

  1. New Way is the main leading manufacturer and supplier of curtain accessories and aluminum accessories in South East Asia.
    New Way Curtain Accessories consists of curtain railings, curtain tracks, curtain hooks, curtain brackets, curtain runners, tieback hooks and curtain tapes. Our curtain accessories are 48% cheaper than those selling at high end retail stores.Curtain


  2. I purchased curtains made with this exact fabric many years ago. Recently, one of them was badly torn. I was surprised when I found this picture so quickly when I began my online search for a replacement. How may I obtain this fabric?


      • I am neither a trade buyer nor am I working with a curtain maker. I live in Vancouver, WA. Portland, OR and Seattle, WA areas
        would be conducive to my search. Thank you for your help. I will look forward to hearing back from you.


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