What is fabric sanforisation, sanforised, sanforising?

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Sanforising is a finishing technique for already woven fabric.

Interior Designers do not need to know the detail of exactly what happens. So, in brief, the process is usually associated with cotton fabric and often also with shirting fabric. The idea behind sanforising is to pre-shrink the fabric. Clearly any shrinkage after the fabric has been made up may cause problems and Interior Designers DO need to be aware of that!

When sanforised fabric is subsequently made up into curtains or used on upholstery the naturally occurring effects of fabric stretching are reduced, but like many natural fabrics some further shrinkage could occur.

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As a general rule: more tightly woven fabrics tend to shrink less.

The sanforisation process involves stretching and heating damp fabric over a series of rollers

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  2. I have a sand coloured sports jacket. It creases very badly. How and where can I get it treated. Will sanforising work? I live in Nelspruit, South Africa. Phone +27 (0) 72 917 3395. Your advise will be appreciated.