Yes the Jack Lenor Larsen stuff is timeless. And it is always interesting to go though our own back catalogues of Homes & Gardens. My how things change!


When I  was working as a full time interior designer I would always work with  fabrics from famous companies.

My favourite fabric designer in the eighties was Manuel Canovas, well known for his bold designs of flowers in the most elegant colour combinations assorted with an astonishing variety of plain fabrics as chintz, silk velours and satin cottons and this in the most marvellous colours. This was in the pre beige,greige, grey linen period we live in at the moment.

Another master of fabric creation was Jack Lenor Larsen. I worked with a travel case that contained little square samples of all the fabrics. Rich embroidered silks with little plasticised mirrors to the most dazzling handwoven wool fabrics to make cushions and upholster chairs.

For the more traditional interiors I worked a lot with a Swiss company called Zumsteg and the very old French house of Comoglio that…

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