can’t believe i missed this post, nice to find it


Perhaps its all the neutral colors I’m working with now….

The stone and earth of  the landscaping project…

that I’m drawn to the emerging intensity of new blues in the

garden and in print everywhere around me…

watery blue drapes

Tricia Guild is a fabric designer that dallies in an ethereal world

of gleaming blues spiced with floral tones…

range of vivid blues

Cote Est’s sampling of new fabrics from a wide range of fabric houses…

Osbourne and Little, Karin Sajo, Llorca, Nina Campbell, Manuel Canovas…

range of blue fabrics

From Tricia Guild’s book Patterns

A collage of fabrics and inspiration…

Blues and pinks

Love how she mixes her patterns..

beautiful bright, soft hues….

floral curtains with pom poms

Detailed pompom trim…

Love her bright and carefree flourishes…

Tricia Guild fabrics here

Butterfly photos Maison Cote Est March-June ’10

Tricia Guild Pattern photography James Merrell

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