Ah colours: always interested to read more about those

Chatti Patti Talks Design!


By now, you’ve probably heard so many different viewpoints on how to select the right paint color or interior color themes for your home that  your head is probably spinning! I don’t even have time to go spinning, so I have made it easy for you.

Interior Designers, Home Decorator and Color professionals may each have a slightly different approach in achieving color selection.  Over the past several years, I have approached it in the following manner and found that it really, really works. And, works well. What I am sharing with you here, is not simply selecting a color for your walls or a color to “match” (hate that word) your floral sofa, but for your lifestyle and a cohesive design statement.

  1. What’s in  your closet?
    • That’s right, what’s hanging in there? Well, not sure I want the answer to that, but what do…

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