Hmmm Luci Della Citta

Courtney Out Loud

Don’t you love stumbling upon something new and being completely smitten with it?  That was the case with Jill Malek and her fantastic wall coverings.  Leave it to Jenny of Little Green Notebook to discover Jill while shopping and thank goodness she did!  I am head over heels in love with Jill’s Anemone and Luci Della Citta wall coverings…..

I initially pitched a client a Thibault wallpaper but after receiving the Luci Della Citta sample in the mail today, I am going to suggest we do a slight switch and go with this instead.  It’s a wonderful combination of bold and muted – who knew that was possible?

I can’t wait to show the client the swatches because I think they are going to flip too for them!  I have found myself incorporating wallpaper into almost all of my client proposals and surprisingly, almost everyone is going for it!  So…

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