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So what does S.E. Hinton’s classic teen novel, The Outsiders, have to do with food–or design?  Well….it was a favorite quote from this book that brought me to this week’s dine&design color.  You see, next week my oldest child will be turning the final page and closing the book of his elementary school years.  Six years of elementary school will culminate with a “Recognition Ceremony” followed by a class picnic that includes the handing out of the coveted “5th Grade Memory Book” — a snapshot of a relatively short, but treasured, time in elementary school.  As I pored over “through the years” photos to be included in this memory book, what popped into my head (and heart) was a quote from this novel that I’ve never forgotten: Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold

Gold is a timeless color; a hue rich in beauty, deep in strength, pure .  But stop me before I get too sentimental, (that’s for next week at the ceremony!), and let me say that “gold(en)” in…

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