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Luxury is nowadays a concept pointed to everything, from bottles to trucks. A new type of chair will be put on the market. Based on the continuity and curved lines in aviation, David Catta presents the “Aviator”.

Bringing to us the shape of an aircraft propeller, the respective chair was designed in such a way that multi-layered wooden-lamination and 300 hours of hard-work combine to please our eyes a solid, flowing “sculpture”. It’s made out of polymer fiber, aluminum, steel and polished hardwood, all put together in a beautiful way.

It’s durable; the polymer fibers were carefully knit-together to form an elastic, relaxant structure. And there are the metal components that give resistance to the chair. It’ll only be produced in 5 pieces, and the cost is yet unknown, but expected to be on the match.

The chair is destined to decorate artists’ chambers, luxury enthusiasts, furniture collectors and why…

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