Great post topic. I’m jealous I didn’t think of writing it! It’s an issue of project management of course BUT the project manager is not RESPONSIBLE for everything. Accountable, maybe. But responsible no. You delegate responsibility. But people have to know they have had it delegated to them and there has to be some form of contractual responsibility for those concerned.


On Wednesday, September 26, 2012, we will be discussing the complexities of managing the kitchen or bath construction site! Who is in charge? Join our twitter discussion between 2 and 3pm eastern time at #kbtribechat.










What is your role in the remodeling/building process?

How often are plans and specs pinned down enough to build from? Are most of your projects per the plans and specifications – no changes!?

Do you often find the project architect hired to check on the construction progress?

If an interior designer is involved with your projects, do you often find they are hired to be the decision maker? Are they the go to person for answers or were they brought in for consultation and the home owner is making the decisions?

Who is in charge of most of your projects?

Here’s the transcript for this chat.

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One thought on “Jobsite Management – Who’s In Charge?

  1. I didn’t know someone could “reblog” but….thank you I guess! This is the blog of a weekly twitter chat for professionals in the kitchen and bath industry – contractors, architects, interior designers. We chat for an hour every Wednesday (2-3pm eastern time) with a different topic every week. This week we are discussing Jobsite Management….and so this post explaining the topic of discussion!
    You and your readers are invited to join our twitter discussions.


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