eesh ! Let’s hope you didn’t recommend the designer to your friend. I would have thought that if milestones are reached then payment is due as per the contract. If you can’t deliver the next tranche of work as per contract then of course the client can cancel that tranche.


I must say upfront that this is probably a very misleading title. Basically, it has nothing to do with my house specifically. It has more to do with my friend, who is an interior designer, and whose encounter with his client (who happens to be another friend of mine) that leaves me wondering if anyone should hire one in the first place.

As it turns out, the client contracted the interior designer to do up his 5-room apartment in Holland Road. It was to be a Mediterranean concept. Due to a series of events beyond the designer’s control, the original kind of terra cotta tiles were not delivered. In fact, the importer could not give a specific date on when the specific tile design will be made available. The client was understandably upset, for out of the scores of designs, he only liked that one. Although the designer offered to…

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