Yes I agree. He probably sleeps on a tatami mat (which he rolls up during the day). AND I bet he has a bad back. It’s one of those “Looks nice but…”

Anita Brown 3D Visualisation

So, I’ve heard a lot of noise about this John Pawson fellow. An Architect and Interior Designer, he is a devotee of simplicity and embracing a feeling of space. The below image is from his work at Baron House, Sweden. I’m sorry. I’ve tried. I don’t like it. High ceilings? Fantastic; love them. Neutral colour schemes? Bring it on. Simple lines? Yes please. But this ‘space’ is just that: SPACE. To me it is completely lacking in personality, texture, colour, pattern and LIFE!! Even a focal point to help draw the eye to something! Where is the actual utilisation of space?

This is ‘Pawson House’, London 1994: I cannot for the life of me imagine anyone who would feel serene, calm and rejuvenated after a soak in this tub! To me, the utilisation of this space amounts to a room that resembles a large box, that has fitted furniture which resemble…

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