I won’t show my partner this one. Any excuse to get the blackboard paint out is BAD news for me.

Hey!  I have a couple of studio tours and interviews coming up on different blogs (I’ll post the links when they’re live!) and I realized I’ve never shown you, my very own dear readers, my studio!  This is where I spend so much of my work and creative time.  I love this room.  Not because it’s glamorous or super well designed, or has all the architectural features I would like, but because it’s my creative space.  It works so perfectly for me.

Things you will always find in this room:

Coffee (fresh preferably!)
Tiny scraps of paper in the floor.
At least three pretty little vignettes displaying some of the work for sale online (one of the perks!)
Clutter.  It’s true.  I think I’m a neat person, and neat areas are visually VERY important for me.  But I’m a paper stacker and hoarded of small scraps of fabric.
At least…

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