timely. We are getting a lot of grey and blue requests for fabrics at the moment. Must be something in the water.

Pure Eggs & Spam

When I received this new set “Starry nights” from Prism Furniture..I automatically fired up you tube to hear that glorious song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkvLq0TYiwI – beautiful…I dont know if the designer Lily Juno was inspired at all by the colours in Vincent’s paintings..but they seem to feature a lot in this stunning range. Vincent Van Gogh used a cornflower blue in quite a few of his works..and if , like me, you adore that tone…youll find it here in these items. This is a really homey set…as usual you can pick and choose which pieces you wish to buy…and chair & sofa is packed with lovely poses…the thing that *gets me* every time with Lily’s work is her attention to detail..the stitching on the pillows…a vase of stunning blooms…the finish on the edges of the seams for the chairs…just perfect…go check it out instore…thanks Lily ❤

Prism Furniture

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