Some great images. And yes it does make sense as the article suggests. I wonder what the rationale behind not properly cleaning the outside wall was. Then again I’m not a designer, what do I know?

via Yuri

This post marks our final nod to the multifaceted design firm Avro Ko, but it is always nice to go out with a bang, and Beauty & Essex does just that.  This final project is a restaurant that pays homage to the beautiful and often opulent department stores of the past. It elicits a dark and moody vibe, while still feeling extravagant, and surprises with pops of leather, gold, and crystal.

The entrance of the space is meant to resemble a pawn shop, and it does just that.

The space was originally the furniture store, and now embodies the feeling of a jewelry boutique with fabulous drippings of gold and crystal in the form of gorgeous chandeliers and exquisite wall art.

I absolutely love the juxtaposition of gold and silver. This is one of my favorite design combinations, and Avro Ko does it to perfection. It feels soft, warm…

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