I like the diagram…


Logo and Branding means trial and error for R.A.K since it’s becoming urgent orders.

These two for examples.

Just wanna share about the history behind. Mamarajut is like a yarn and kniting’s logo when a lady need to tag her self into her products, about handmade shawl from yarn and knitted. so, R.A.K just wondering about the tools and mother touchs. it means about needle, yarn, pattern and also knitted from mother’s made. it reflects into the orange color (warm color)

Warm colors are said to advance or appear more active in a painting, while cool colors tend to recede; used in interior design or fashion, warm colors are said to arouse or stimulate the viewer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warm_color#Warm_vs._cool_colors

and handwritten mother’s trademarks ;D

about Araphel. There is a guy, who really concern with his biz (baby shop) in the future. He was search and browse many meaningful definition for his brand and…

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