I adore this color scheme!


  1. I’ve been thinking about your comment. I’m no expert so all I really have to go by is my personal impressions. One of the things I like about this room is its strength; it’s has a bold statement that doesn’t overwhelm. There’s a nice balance between masculine and feminine that creates a sense of security and comfort.

    There’s probably more I will think of once I “Post Comment” but the bottom line is this room makes me feel safe cozy. I just hope I can find some way to apply the principles of this room to my own home in the near future.

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  2. Yes, I wasn’t so sure myself. I like the layout of the room and the pieces. I wasn’t so sure about the colours. All fine individually, of course, but together there seemed to be a little too much distraction…but then again as you say there are elements that appeal to the ‘his’ and ‘her’..

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