Some very wise words about sales strategy. If you just want to be a creative designer then you probably need to work for someone else. If you want to run your own business then you have to sell. No ifs or buts about it. Uber-creativity will get you nowhere on its own (probably)

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OK..as they say DUH!  But I have two great examples today of why I am expanding the sales training part of my business.

I was recently training two of my client’s sales people.  They are GREAT and have great potential with a few tweaks (reason one).  But what really got my attention was one of the designers we visited.

The designer was  telling me one of her clients has an amazing antique rug collection and a fabulous art collection.  She saw a piece we were showing that she really liked and asked the price.  When we told her the price she said, with absolutely NO hesitation, “Oh he’ll never go for that price”.  WHAT?  How do you even know?  Did you automatically think he would just say NO? One who has an extensive collection of priceless rugs and art would say NO?  You absolutely know that it’s just too expensive…

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