Where indeed…

SET For Design

That’s a question that as designers we always face. For me, it’s a combination of places.  Magazines are an obvious choice. Sometimes I watch HGTV (who doesn’t love Sarah Richardson?). Then there are seminars, tradeshows and special events. It’s the last two that I thought I would touch on here.

Shows such as the Interior Design Show (typically held in January in downtown Toronto), and most recently The International Decorating Show (held last week in the International Centre by the airport in Toronto) are great for 1) finding new and innovative products being displayed  2) seeing terrific talks and rooms done by experts on new trends, design ideas and looks they love.  I volunteered for the CDECA booth at the Decorating Show as I belong to the organization.  For those of you who are not familiar with CDECA,  it’s the Decorator’s Association of Canada. Our mandate is to ensure consistency…

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One thought on “Where Do You Get Design Inspiration?

  1. Design inspiration is a lifestyle, listen, listen, be as a sponge, absorb every comment addressed towards the location, absorb every detail of every personal experience and allow the details to be readily available to influence the choices made in designing. Do not design similar to everyone else, design similar only to what emerges from your soul, from your soul…


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