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Everyone has a little “diva” in them don’t they? Okay, some more than others. I am gonna jump right in, these spaces are concieved by me, for fictitious clients and the people I imagine them to be. This space for is for someone that might want to live like a diva. And who doesn’t love a little of the finer things? Luxery and sparkle with soft texures and many places to throw yourself down dramatically. It would be like never leaving your favorite fancy hotel.


wine chiller

french film star mirror tray

french film star pillow

french film star tilefrench film star mirror

french film coffee table

french film star curiofrench film star barfrench film star mirrored dresser  french film star mirrored cabinetfrench film star fireplacefrench film star camera

french film star lamp tallfrench film star ottomanfrench film star phonefrench film star chairfrench film star blue rug

french film star console

french film star chaisefrench film star pillow 2


french film star dresserfrench film star round mirrorfrench film star candlefrench film star side tablefrench film star mirrored deskfrench film star tile mirror

french film star white leather bed


french film star blue beddingfrench film star dresser 2french film star mirror setfrench film star throwsfrench film star star pillowfrench film star drape

french film star paisley bedding

french film star geometric rugfrench film star pendant light

french film star pillow 3french film star side table 2french film star side table 3

french film star tubfrench film star fixture



You can find all the links and more information about these items on my page @ Wellfurnished.com Sonya Law, “French Film Star”


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