Nicely accented wallcovering

An intense use of neutral shades, light wood pieces and a targeted repurposed space gives this home in the West a calm, composed feel.

Text Deborah Jane Goon
Images courtesy of Rezt & Relax Interior Design

Regent 01

At A Glance

Space 3-bedroom condominium apartment
Size  1,030 square feet
Location  Regent Heights, Bukit Batok
Home to  Mr and Mrs Woo
Designer  John Foo of Rezt & Relax 
Interior Design
Budget  S$54,000

Renovating a home need not mean knocking down the entire place 
and rebuilding from scratch. Sometimes the best and most fulfilling renovation jobs are those that zone in on integral areas that need change in order to provide for the homeowners’ lifestyle needs. Zoning in on specific areas allows the renovation budget to be distributed appropriately while allowing for a keen attention to detail. This West-side resale home is an excellent example of this focused renovation…

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