Some nice details. Those MTBs will needs a good hose down and dry before they got anywhere near my kitchen.

How is it like working through the renovation with an interior designer? Joey Khu from interior design firm Project File provides some insight

By Jasmine Goh 

SR: From a designer’s point of view, how can homeowners prepare themselves when engaging an interior designer?
Joey K: Everyone is different and depending on their lifestyles, finances and housing types, each homeowner has different needs. It is difficult to give advice that would suit each person because while some emphasise on pricing, others look more towards the design component or quality. What I’d recommend is to know what you want and what is more important: pricing, design, quality or some other factor.

SR: Which is a common priority?
Joey K: Nowadays, more people put design and quality first. There are some clients who come to us with ideas in mind, but not all have a definite theme. Some clients approach us with open…

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