interesting palette. Not sure if it is a trend…maybe it should be. We read it on your blog first!

Showcase Designs

Design Diva: Blues and BrownAdding color to a room can be tricky business. A couple years ago, a friend of mine came to visit my new home. I  had picked out a lovely robin’s egg bedspread and while she was in town, we went shopping for some linens.

Truth is, she has great taste, and that is the reason I brought her along on this trip, but when we got to the home store, I went right to the whites and ivories. She reached for the browns. “Brown?” I said…

Not wanting to hurt her feelings, I bought a set of high tread count chocolate brown sheets and took them home. I was sure I would hate the brown with that subtle, classic blue but I didn’t. I loved it. I was a blue + brown convert from then on.

I came to realize brown goes amazingly well with the green-blues especially, giving a classic…

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