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What makes good design? The rule is… no I am just kidding. There are no rules. Just as soon as someone says you can’t paint an antique, it becomes “Shabby Chic” and right when you declare that broken and old pieces are certainly not good design, it becomes avant-garde to incorporate the “distressed look” into your decor and repurpose old shutters as table-tops.

…Just when I say “you will know it when you see it” — you won’t. Just when we decide that neon colors do not ever work, someone will pair lime green with chocolate and it will be the hottest thing this season.

Good design is subjective. Your sensibilities may not be mine. A good designer will know how to design to YOU, not to them. You could buy whatever they think is amazing, but you have to live with it. Your designer should be able to design…

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