The Scandinavian style is architecture in its purity. White walls, floorboard floors and minimalist furnishings, clean lines with no extravagant details. Rooms are left uncluttered so even the smallest space feels spacious. Windows are often left with no dressing, just in their pure form, to let as much light as possible into the space, which is considered extremely important. 


Scandinavian homes are not complete without a wood burning stove as the centre piece. This is especially important in a country where winter lasts from November to April.

I have searched the high street to find my 12 key pieces to create a perfect Scandinavian living space.  

Scandanvian living

1. White Resin Reindeer Antlers, Graham & Green £99

2. House by John Lewis Eton Small Sofa £750

3. Grey wooden trunk, French Connection £125

4. Leaning Shelves, French Connection £180

5. Hand Knit Throw, Nordic Bliss £74

6. Bronte Striped Throw, John…

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