Cool! How big is this? Bird nest sized or human nest sized? I think the former maybe?

Studio Chatter

My new creation is finished and photographed. I have now finished three vessels and will start on another three or four this week. It has been such a pleasure to actually enjoy going to the studio again, it’s been waaaay too long.

This vessel was supposed to be woven with red velvet. Much to my surprise, it just did not work, even though I gave it every chance in the world. I must have woven and rewoven it seven or eight times before I finally admitted that it wasn’t right. But what a relief when I began to weave some jute and fabric and it looked so good! Needless to say, this one took a lot of time to weave, even though I was weaving up to four strands at a time. So far, this is the biggest basket I have made. The height is 20″ and the circumference is…

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