Speechless (until you tell me how it is done)



Floating away in a cloud while conjuring up heavenly dreams seems to be a scenario that can only ever be found in cartoons.But what if you can relax in a fluffy puff of cotton?  meet the Cloud.

An amazing design concept whipped up by D.K Wei, the Cloud is a chair that consists of just two pieces: the base that enables the soft material to levitate through the magnetic force it produces and the airy, marshmallow – like “Cloud” itself.

Imagine playing handheld consoles, reading book and magazines,listening to music, watching television or drifting off to peaceful slumber while this delicate puff of cloud eases out all the tension in your body unlike any amount of pillows in your bed could ever do!

It almost feels surreal to be able to consider this particular concept of having the possibility to actually become a real piece of furniture, as opposed…

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3 thoughts on “Light as a Feather

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