Turquoise Crocodile Faux Leather

Turquoise Crocodile Faux Leather

When used intelligently, KOTHEA faux leather upholstery can create amazing and durable effects for interior designers. This crocodile/alligator effect, in an amazing turquoise colourway, is a case in point.

Many interior designers prefer faux leather to real leather for a variety of practical reasons. Mostly it can look the same but, as in the case above, more effects can be readily added to the faux alternative. The faux leathers (or faux skins if you like) really can mimic most hide effects from boar to buffalo from snake to crocodile – there really is a limitless range of possibilities even I just the texture. The faux product is typically easier to make up (as it is available by the metre rather than by the hide) and it is often less expensive and also more readily maintained in excellent condition.

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