The article talks a bit about the pursuit of happiness. It seems to me that very many people are doing a lot of ‘pursuing’ and not a lot of ‘happiness’ing. I’m not so sure that interiors can make you happy can they? Maybe sometimes in a limited way. Generally, they give the facility/space/environment to be happy in.

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In our fast-paced world technology rules with new-age gadgets entering the market each day designed to make life easier. So why are people still so unhappy?

The pursuit of happiness has become a “cultural obsession”. According to this Huffington Post report, a Google search for `happiness’ yields 75 million results, and nearly 40,000 books on or related to the topic are available for purchase on Amazon.com.

From`the secrets to happiness’ to ‘top tips from happy people’, it seems happiness is but a click away.

But one click we stumbled upon recently went further than the usual happiness lists to real world tips on how you can create happiness with  your surroundings, or more importantly, you home.

A recent blog post by lauded UK interior designer and former speaker at the Decor + Design International Seminar Series, Abigail Ahern struck a chord with us. Titled `Happy Homes’ the article detailed…

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