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So, for my first blog post I‚Äôve decided to¬†dip my toe into the pond of interior design. Inspired by my sister ‚Äď her website here:¬†www.chalkypaint.com¬†‚ÄstI now prefer to¬†scour the web for lovely home-y things than do online clothes shopping on Asos or Zara¬†.. (though obviously I still do this as well).

With me and my boyfriend hoping to get our very own flat together in September (I moved into his flat-share last month), I’ve already set my sights on quite a few house things, some essential, some ridiculous (£150 for four bath towels…but they look so cuddly and soft).

High Street stores like H&M and Zara¬†have lovely and¬†reasonably priced¬†home-ware¬†departments, while Ikea and John Lewis are¬†perfect¬†for the basics. More luxurious stores like West Elm (a recent¬†import from New York) and LOMBOK ‚Äď both on Tottenham Court Road ‚Äď are a serious threat to my¬†bank balance.

Five items that have caught my eye…

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