Is that a girl’s room? Interestingly, a few hundred years ago pink was a boys’ colour.

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Kids and their furniture are the most innocent and beautiful thing one would like to have in their life at least for once. It looks easier to furnish a child’s room but when you are on the floor of doing so you will find it really difficult to do. Furniture for a kid’s room should be of their choice and comfort.

With households forming 65% of the $7,922 million Indian furniture market, how are entrepreneurs leveraging the potential in this niche segment of business?

Gone are the days when kids’ rooms consisted only of teddy bears and hues of pink and blue. From cosy little baby cribs, playful beds and bean bag furniture to room accessories like colourful drapes, thematic wallpapers and bed linen there are special furnishings available for every toddler’s taste.Image

The rising number of single-child-double-income families deeply inclined to spend on lifestyle products, coupled with an exposure…

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