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There are two houses I’d like to present together. The houses of two very talented and important individuals in architecture, built in a very special place.
They are saying that the houses of the architects are their manifests (Frank Lloyd Wright himself built his house in Oak Park, IL in order to attract clients) . Imagine what happens when two of them are placed one next to the other.
Italian architect and designer Paola Navone and her very good friend greek scenographer Manolis Pantelidakis did as many other best friends do (I don’t know who went first, but it doesn’t matter); once you choose to visit for the vacations, next thing you remember you are already building a house next to your pal!
Rural, dry, almost gray landscape and turquoise blue sea is our background.


Mr. Pantelidakis, in his interview for Athens Voice, says that the tradition is always something…

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