What is Mohair Velvet?

Concrete TableMohair Velvet is a fabric ideally suited for upholstery.

The Mohair wool from which it is made is 100% natural and is inherently Fire Retardant, usually to contract (hotel) standards. Mohair, too, is typically hard wearing. Ideal for a busy home; a home cinema; a cinema!; a restaurant; a hotel and so the list goes on.

It is not necessary to have MOHAIR. Mohair wool is from a goat. Other wools from Alpaca or sheep have similar properties. It’s just that Mohair Velvet is the most widely known for upholstery.

Cotton, linen and silk are all natural fibres that are made into velvets. Man-made fibres like trevira, viscose and nylon can also be made into velvets either on their own or mixed with natural fibres.

We offer free mohair velvet samples/cuttings to TRADE interior designers.

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