How to create a warm, homely house


You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a warm and friendly home. Impressions of warmth can incorporate a degree of deception and will make a room look warm. Though if you invest in heating from the Underfloor Heating Company at least your home will be really cosy.


Interior décor is important


If you think carefully about colour, you’ll soon learn which are the best shades for walls and furniture in order to create an illusion of warmth. Stark white walls may give your home an impression of space, but they aren’t exactly inviting. Warm colours, including terracotta, peach and variants of the colour yellow will all promote a feeling of warmth. The BBC website suggests that even if your house is not as warm as it could be, colours from ‘the warm side of the colour wheel’ will make a room appear more cosy. Rather than painting your ceiling white, why not add a pale yellow or light coral to this area? The light from your windows will bounce across the ceiling, so even if the temperatures are arctic, the room will look warm and inviting.


Draughts are infuriating


There is nothing worse than a draughty house. Wind whistling through gaps around the window frames is neither romantic nor healthy. Dystopian themes in film and literature may be all the rage but would anyone genuinely wish to live in a cold and windy crumbling manor? No. Invest in double-glazing and abolish all draughts, you’ll also improve your health and your precious central heating won’t be warming the rest of the neighbourhood. According to the Energy Saving Trust website, you could save up to £50 a year on your energy bills by double-glazing your home. Your domestic environment will be warmer too.


Furniture and fittings are important


Carpet can also prevent draughts. Laminate and wooden floors may look wonderfully stylish, but unless your floors and skirting boards are in pristine condition, you might be surprised at how much heat can escape via these conduits. A wall-to-wall carpet will minimise the amount of heat that escapes from your house. Carpets also cut down on noise, so your neighbours will love this addition to your home.


Where you place your sofa and chairs can also make a difference. A beautifully inviting sofa in front of a fireplace is always a good idea, even if you’ve converted the fireplace to a bookshelf, you’ve provided an invitation for others to come and join you in the room. Plonk some brightly coloured cushions around the room, and you’ve created a welcoming space.

Look to your loft


Green deals, local authority schemes and other incentives do exist. If you are concerned that your home isn’t as warm as it should be, then an efficient heating system will solve some of this problem, but you also have to check that your house is well insulated. Figures released by the National Insulation Association website show that 40% of ‘all heat lost in an average home is through the loft and wall space’. Insulate, heat and decorate well and then you’ll have a beautifully warm and homely house.

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