Design Shadow

Today I was out of state on location for a project where we are building student housing for a University. We spent the day inspecting and “punch listing” the site. This usually means a lot of blue tape all over the building…much to the GC’s displeasure. I don’t have any recollection of ever discussing this side of the work while in school. For those that are in the same boat I was: As a representative for the Owner, it’s our job to make sure the finished product meets the specifications, drawings and Owner’s intent before it is turned over to them. Once the space in a building is considered done, we come in and inspect the space. Items that don’t meet our specs or a finished quality are tagged and noted with the blue tape (that doesn’t leave a residue behind.)

Here are a few items we tagged:

designshadow.org-door-doesn Door doesn’t close properly.

designshadow.org-shower-cor Wall texture…

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