Keep Calm Interior DesignerI was looking back to when we started this blog. It was a time of┬áchange and many of us in the interior design industry were concerned about the future. Whilst things obviously did go ‘a bit pear-shaped’, many of us are still here. With economic storm clouds gathering again maybe we start to worry again but at the same time maybe it’s some consolation that we survived before and so shall we again.

“2008 has been a great year for many designers and their suppliers. However, a sense of foreboding for 2009 seems to have been propagated by the UK’s often hysterical media. I’m not so sure if those predictions of the end of capitalism will come true.

“If your main customers are the larger housebuilders then, OK, maybe you have a problem – as that sector has made significant cut backs. Although having said that, many of the top-end housebuilding developments are still continuing.

“For more diversified designers with customers reliant on residential as well as commercial projects across a variety of sectors then I strongly suspect that the future may be rosier than the doom-mongers will have you believe.

“Still the proof of the pudding, as always, will be in the eating. I don’t know about you but I have a healthy appetite for 2009.”

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