Technical Resources for Interior Designers

fabric colors
fabric colors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Use the menu at the top to access the resources we have to offer. These include more technical resources on fire treatment and rub tests – some as PDFs you can download and others as posts we have made in the past.

Legal Notes:

  • The Interior Designer is responsible for ensuring that the correct fire treatment has been specified and carried out. The information on this site is our opinion, we are not experts. If in any doubt contact a fire treatment company.
  • The interior designer is responsible for ensuring that fabrics with the appropriate technical properties are specified and that the fabric is made up in an appropriate manner for the job in question.
  • A fabric company is responsible for organising tests to be carried out on their fabrics and obtaining the appropriate documentation to back this up.
  • So a fabric company says, “Our fabric meets standards X Y and Z”. An interior designer determines that standard “X” is required for her/his job and then obtains the documentation for standard “X” from the fabric supplier.