Fabric Treatment Companies – FR Flameproofing

silk velvet upholstery fabric textile FR Martindale RubsWe are often asked to recommend farbic treatment companies for flame retarding in contract installations. Most treatment comapanies offer other services such as; back coating fabric for walls, and stain resistance/repellency. There are several such companies in the UK and at various times we have used all of the following:

Essex Flameproofing,

Textiles FR, and

TEK Treatments

Just click the company name to take you to their web site. Please feel free to add comments to this posting recommending any suppliers you have used but any negative comments about other companies are not permitted on this site. Thank you.

2015 Double Width Sheer

Double width sheer fabric
Double width sheer fabric
Double width sheer fabric

Double width sheers are great as they reduce the quantity of seams in the final, made-up treatment as well as reducing the cost or making up. We have several ineresting and unusual geomnetric designs for Spring 2015